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What is

sometimes called IGF1, is made by the liver, "triggered" by hgh, and
responsible for much of what is attributed to human growth hormone. It is also a
good way to find out what your gh levels really are, because it is
"volatile" and difficult to test for. 

can be tested by taking a simple, inexpensive saliva test. I use this test at my

there has been a concerning trend that, as the hgh "boom" has been
fading, the same type of "flooding of the market" has been occurring
with IGF-1, as the greedy human growth hormone product pushers jump on this new

there are different
brands/forms of it popping up, and MANY misleading and potentially dangerous products. 

spray or other products:

Not enough known about such products at this time. For now, I would stay away
from it personally, and not recommend it to patients. Some are from animals,
which could have its own implications, including CJD (mad cow). See my "…dangers/side effects" link on the
left for more info of it and hgh. 

We recommend you
speak with your doctor or an anti-aging specialist MD, read this entire site, look for other sources of legitimate research, and make
your own educated conclusions.





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