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"Scam warnings", my advice & legitimate discount - wholesale hgh and anti-aging product sources

First of all, consult your physician or see an anti-aging/longevity medical specialist. My general advice regarding human growth hormone or alternatives is no substitute for seeing a professional. I'm also available for exams, workups or consultations with your doctor. I also practice in the fields of medical laser hair removal, pain & injury, and hi-tech non-surgical face-lifts/facials in Colorado.

What I use

My approach:
There is more to anti aging and longevity than just hgh. 

HGH levels usually start declining around age 30. My friends usually start with the spray I use (mentioned below), after they hear about it (if they're over 30 or are starting to see or feel the effects of aging). It's available without prescription or health exams. 

But for patients, it's a little more complex. 

First, we do lab tests. Depending on what the patient needs and wants, they can be as little as a saliva test for IGF-1 (an HGH marker). These help determine if there is HGH deficiency, and at what levels. At that point we can discuss precursors, sprays, hgh injections, etc., depending on patient needs and desires. 

Depending on the results, and my analysis, I'd usually start by recommending the oral spray I use (unless there is severe IGF-1 deficiency or in other special cases). I'd test again in 3 to 6 months. If they're still low, I would prescribe hgh injections. 

Before deciding on HGH injections, we check tumor or cancer history also (they are contraindicated if tumors or cancer are an issue).

Or taking it further for a full health and longevity workup, we can test for liver enzymes, neurotransmitters and other indicators. We can look at mental functions (mental age) also. 

WARNING: Some people are now opting for IGF-1 sprays OR other hgh related products on line or in health food stores. I do not recommend those for a number of reasons.

Current advice and best sources for hgh prescriptions and sprays.

HGH Injections: If you are doing hgh injections on your doctor's orders, discount store pharmacies vary from state to state. Some stock it, some don't, some will order it, some won't. Or, support your local trusted "mom & pop" pharmacy. Some prescription GH is from countries not subject to FDA regulations and inspection, so I tend to avoid those for my patients, even though they may be cheaper. I prefer those from the major US pharmaceutical companies.

HGH spray:  I'm in the very early stages of developing and testing my own line of a spray and pill combination. But until then, I really like and use an oral spray called "Beyond HGH", which I really like and is close to the formulas I'm working on. My research has led me to believe that certain balanced combinations of other ingredients, including peptide chains, are responsible for much of what people attribute the benefits of GH, not the GH itself (other than injections). Still, while some spray's may work for other reasons, I've seen no unbiased legitimate studies that HGH can get into the body through the lining of the mouth. That being said...

Here's a link to the only oral spray company I trust - youth-hormone. At this time, they and Beyond HGH are the only site/oral product that meet the stringent criteria for what I personally put into my own body. They're also a small family business, and are "users". They use the spray I do, and distribute it to insure the quality of their own supply and to help others get reliable high quality product for less $. They also sell wholesale in reasonable quantities, if you want to get some friends together, or try it as a sideline business yourself.  They offer another human growth hormone related oral spray, but in my opinion "Beyond HGH" is more than worth the slight extra cost. 

WARNING SIGNS OF "SCAMS": Remember, there are a lot of great sounding cheap "deals" on the internet, and stores. But they can be scams, "fake" and potentially harmful products. 

"DOCTORS": First, watch out for claims of being a "doctor" to create an illusion of credibility and trust. Look for a bio or what kind of doctor they are, and check it out (someone can have a PhD in ancient literature, or be a minister, and legally be called doctor). Check my credentials to see the difference.


COUNTERFEITING: Even the hgh products I use, have been counterfeited - the bottle and label LOOK the same, but the ingredients in the bottle aren't. 

OTHER SIGNS: I recently heard that most banks won't allow new on-line businesses who sell hgh, to get credit card processing - because so many of them get massive "charge backs" for the junk products they sell (or they don't send anything). They "take the money and run", leaving banks and customers holding the bag.

Another thing to watch out for is when a company is far cheaper than their competition, or they offer "two for one deals", or other gimmicks like "but wait, there's more, if you order now you'll also get blah blah". Or, alleged wholesale on one or two bottle sales. In my opinion, a company can't offer real wholesale unless they buy a fair amount of quantity, at least 10.

For instance, Youth Hormone's wholesale minimum is 10 bottles - more than a years supply. Of course, if you have the money, you could save a lot buying in quantity and save time by not having to keep reordering.

I also don't trust "recommendations" from most alleged hgh "experts". What makes them an expert? 

For anti-aging physicians and clinics or doctor supervised therapy and where to buy hgh injections for sale, see my links page, or make an appointment with my office in Maui or Colorado. 

I receive no compensation for any of the above recommendations, or for my email recommendations.




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