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HGH Injections unbiased info on all hgh products ( human growth hormone ) from an award winning medical doctor, drug
and nutraceutical specialist.

We sell no hgh sprays, injectables, powders,
supplements or any thing. Please read the entire site to become an informed consumer and see your physician before using any.

Please see my other sites (on “My credentials”) for do it yourself
kits for hormone testing of all kinds and your doctor.

I’m Dr. Margaret Gedde, MD, PhD, please see and verify my which include Stanford University, Columbia University and Rockefeller University, plus far more.

This site presents hgh research, reviews, personal recommendations of anti-aging supplements, hormones, sprays, injections, doctors & clinics.

At my former spa, I helped people achieve their longevity and anti-aging goals through lab workups, customizing health and weight loss diets, lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, hormones, hi-tech devices and stress management (hi-tech, hypnosis, meditation or prayer).

I primarily do phone/computer consultation for hormone testing and balancing, and my top priority is finishing and getting the word out about my H5N1 avian bird flu book. Again, see my credential page if interested.

I also have psychiatric/psychological training, do hypnotherapy, and MY OWN professional line of self-improvement products, Therasounds™, the most powerful hypnosis tapes – type of downloadable professional Mp3 or cds you can see at hypnosis tapes cds downloads on mp3. They’re also great for emdr – assist light and sound therapy. The site has links to lines of L&S mind machines for personal or psychotherapist use that I’ve tested – some with special programs I created. There’s nothing like my Therasounds for self-help, plus they can even be used with the light & sound mind machines for enjoying kaleidoscopic geometric imagery to your favorite music or helping with stress management or energizing.

Sorry, back to hgh human growth hormone.

Where to get HGH Injections

The hype about human growth hormone might just have hit us but medical doctors, researchers and some users have sung its benefits for decades. Whether you call it the miracle hormone or simply HGH, the facts are straightforward:

A small gland in the brain-pituitary gland produces human growth hormone-but the tiny production center is no indicator of the hormone’s abilities. The hormone is secreted in large numbers to support growth especially during the formative years for bone formation. If there is an anomaly in the production glands, you will have either HGH deficiency or excess, both of which are not ideal situations. Excess HGH can make you a giant while too little makes one a dwarf and while these may seem like mere stature issues, they bring self-esteem problems coupled with a variety of health issues.

Reduction in HGH levels in humans is almost inevitable as they advance in years. The obvious signs of aging including wrinkles identify this decline but it does not have to be the case with so many HGH injections for sale. Before beaming at the prospects of getting human growth hormone injections for youthful vitality, learn a few more benefits to decide whether it is good for you:

1. The elderly can benefit from this hormone as it diminishes the signs of aging and brings back the vibrancy of youth. Besides this boost in confidence, people get protection from conditions like memory loss and sexual dysfunction, as the brain cells remain healthy to support all organ functions.
2. For bodybuilders, this is the perfect solution to the steroid menace. Being a protein, human growth hormone has anabolic properties that make it ideal for building muscle mass. It inhibits fat storage pathways by attaching to the cell membrane and encouraging fat synthesis rather than storage. It is also ideal because it helps thicken the bones and making them stronger without ghoulish side effects associated with steroids and other body building aids.
3. You may not realize it was a growth hormone problem but as you continue taking HGH, you will notice restoration in hair color. People who want longer hair are immediate beneficiaries of these injections as it makes it easy to acquire a desired look.
4. Increased hormone levels supply the body with everything it needs and for that, you will be happier, livelier with a great sense of good health.
5. Insomniacs also benefit from HGH in that it helps them sleep easily by ensuring that their brain functions normally.
6. Many belong to the school of thought that human growth hormone can resolve weight problems by inhibiting production of bad cholesterol. If this happens, you will notice a sudden leveling out of your blood pressure, which is a great step in reducing the chances of heart problems.
7. Studies on HGH injections show that it is instrumental in faster healing of injuries because it prompts the bone marrow to produce new cells as a replacement for damaged ones.
8. Normal levels of this hormone contribute to good eyesight and alertness, which will definitely help in faster achievement of your goals.
9. The beauty industry is in frenzy at the huge impact of HGH on the skin. It helps preserve youthful glow by ensuring a steady stream of healthy cells to replace dead ones on the skin but that is not all…the human growth hormone supports melanin, the ultimate natural protection against UV rays. These keep the skin healthy and moisturized but best of all, HGH promotes collagen production to maintain elasticity and straighten out wrinkles.
10. Significant studies show that human growth hormone helps with inflammation problems, especially those that cause breathing problems. It keeps the airways strong and helps control raging immune system to prevent swelling associated to several respiratory illnesses.
11. HGH injections are widely used in AIDs patients to keep their organs stable and their immune system strong enough to fight diseases.

Where and should I buy HGH injections for sale online?

There are more benefits of the human growth hormone but you need be wary before making a purchase to know the rules of use so you do not find yourself in the wrong side of the law. Quality and safety bodies monitor the production of HGH for injections internationally, making it illegal to make them without proper papers. This is a move designed to protect users from fake HGH injections for sale and to cement this, there is no way you can get the injections without prescription. With so many benefits in a short time, the hormone is often abused but to reduce those chances, only doctors can determine who needs the injections. People who abuse HGH put themselves at risk of cancer since the hormone facilitates supernormal growth of cells.

Next time you hear about human growth hormone injections for sale, talk to your doctor to see if they are good for you and to get recommendations on the best brands. Many producers in the market might want to rip people off by manufacturing substandard products, which often contain illegal fillers, which may have serious effects on the user. Take your time to study the reputation of your doctor because it takes an expert to administer HGH in a proper manner that will not cause side effects. Should there be problems after getting the dose, report to your doctor as it might have reverse effect with nasty side effects.

HGH injections are certainly the solution for many emotional and physical problems because by providing normalcy, people have a chance to blend into society without worry about their health status or stature. When you start the injections, do not fret if results are not as timely as expected because you have a unique anatomy that will respond to treatment in its own time. If you are confident, take advantage of HGH injections for sale and administer them at home but never abuse the injections because if it does not land you in jail, you might be in hospital sooner than expected. Buy only approved products and if possible, find those endorsed by top physicians to reduce chances of side effects. Click here to get access to more information on HGH injections for better health and better life.


Clinical studies prove that the brain can cause the same physical changes as drugs or supplements, and/or enhance their effects. That’s why we do what are called “placebo” tests during clinical
scientific research studies.

This site gives easy to understand facts from decades of legitimate clinical research about the benefits & dangers of various forms of HGH (human growth hormone) and alternatives, including injectable, oral sprays (including what I use personally), precursors, releasers, and homeopathic.

I also link to valid products and services I personally use, and use in my practice.

Aging & longevity can be affected by genes, hormones, stress, supplements and other factors. I
used FDA approved devices and products including hgh in many offices
including my Maui, Hawaii laser and rejuvenation spa silkyskin.ORG

Below are some benefits of human growth hormone reported by MD’s, researchers and users for decades:

  • Losing Cellulite and Wrinkles

  • Gaining muscle/losing fat

  • Return of sexual potency, drive and pleasure

  • Restful sleep (even for insomniacs)

  • Improved mood and sense of well being

  • Hair color restoration and growth

  • Return of vitality, energy, stamina

  • Improved memory, alertness & concentration

  • Substantial increase in bone density

  • Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure

  • Faster recovery from injuries

Some people say they experience some, all, or none of the effects above. Everyone is different. But most reports are astoundingly positive.

Some of the above benefits are from research results, and users of HGH injections and oral sprays.
See my “Directory of
health & self-help links” page for great resources.

While injections are the only form with real university clinical research (at this point), it has its drawbacks. Based on my experiences and observations, I prefer to use an oral spray myself.

I’m working on my own advanced formula, with proprietary blends. But until then, I’ve had success with only one brand (see “my advice”).

Become an informed consumer, so you can recognize the truth from the hype yourself, and consult with an your personal or anti-aging specialist MD.





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