What is HGH

What is hgh?

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance made by our pituitary glands. Also see our page on IGF-1, which is related.

The first real HGH human growth hormone (decades ago) was taken from the pituitary glands of cadavers (dead bodies).  That could have certain health risks. I think there is still one company doing this. But now it is almost always produced by the same safe, recombinant growth method (essentially sort of “molecularly copying” in layman’s terms) used to produce other therapeutic proteins like insulin. It is NOT from animal or human sources.

Many people take HGH as a supplement, because of reported “Fountain of Youth”-like effects, anti-aging & health benefits. Most of this is from extensive, legitimate scientific research done on HGH injections decades ago. But these effects depend on individual factors, and your age. See our research information link.

“HGH is the first anti-aging therapy proven by double placebo controlled studies”.  – Ronald Klatz, M.D., author of “Grow Young with HGH – The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging” 

When you’re a growing child, hgh involves your growth.  But it appears to change roles after you grow up, affecting immune system functions, longevity and anti-aging. 

There are different brands/forms of human growth hormone, and MANY misleading products. See the “Types of hgh products” link for more. 

We recommend you read the entire site, look for other sources of legitimate research, and make your own educated conclusions.