Types of HGH Products

The various types of hgh products

One of the most common (and most misleading) methods of “hgh information twisting” found on the internet and from salespeople, is using quotes from medical research that was conducted using high dosage prescription hgh injections. They use that information that was only proven to be true for the pure injectable form, to try and get the public to believe that the product they’re selling has the same results. They even quote the exact words from that research.  

Legitimate clinical research is exhaustive and expensive, and often hard to find researchers for.  But for whatever reason, there just isn’t major clinical research completed on any other hgh product.  

So all we’re left with is anecdotal evidence (testimonials) that don’t take placebos into consideration, may or may not be accurate, or even true.

The whole concept of “placebos” is often misunderstood. Many people think of it as meaning to be “false” or “doesn’t work”.  But the reason real research includes a control group who only takes a “placebo” or “sugar pill”, is that the power of the mind is so powerful, it can have nearly the same powerful effects as a real drug itself. In other words, if you believe you are taking a real drug that will have certain effects on you, your mind may create those effects, with or without the real drug. That’s why I also have a site that offers hypnosis tapes & CDs – because it’s one of the most powerful ways to put the power of your own mind to work for you.    

With that in mind, I personally believe that some hgh products can be helpful,  use one myself (Beyond HGH), and am working on developing even more powerful forms and doing legitimate clinical studies for it. 

Even if all someone can come up with about their product is legitimate testimonials (anecdotal evidence), or the results are primarily the result of the placebo effect, it shouldn’t just be “dismissed” as worthless. But it should be reviewed with a skeptical scientific mind – along with an “open mind”. Why? Many “testimonials” are just faked, but some are real. That’s why the word “evidence” is part of the phrase “anecdotal evidence”. If you have a closed mind though, you won’t be able to see the value of what someone is really experiencing, just because it lacks clinical research.

I remember an old saying by an MD, that went something like this: “What you believe to be true, is true, within the realms to be found experientially”. That essentially means that if you are experiencing something, it is real to you, thus it is real as far as your experience goes, regardless of “clinical proof”. Of course, when we develop new drugs to be approved by the FDA, we must have far more strict standards of research, so we can see how much the drug really works, as opposed to how much the placebo effect (power of belief or the mind) is involved. 

Remember, the placebo effect doesn’t mean that something does or doesn’t work, or that “it’s all in your head”. It shows just how powerful the mind is. When the mind is combined with a truly effective drug or supplement, then you have quite a powerful combo.

That being said, there are four basic types of HGH-type products, click to read more:

  • hgh injections

  • hgh spray

  • hgh “releasers”/precursor supplements

  • homeopathic

hgh injections:
The “tried and true” form of human growth hormone is a prescription taken by injection.  It was what most of the research was conducted on, and has been around for decades.  

Most major pharmaceutical companies make human growth hormone for hgh injections.  But it was originally developed for children with growing disorders that involved a lack of the hormone, because their pituitary gland wasn’t manufacturing as much as was required. And it still is the primary reason for it’s existence and use. 

Then doctors started studying the effects on health and aging.  The research was generally very impressive. But it wasn’t going to be available to the general public for quite some time.  At least legally.

For a while, hgh injections were illegal in the United States.  If someone was intent on using it, they had to get it illegally from some other country.  Now, it is legal.  But if you are going to use hgh injections, you will need a prescription, or go to an anti-aging specialist or clinic. Using it for “anti-aging” and longevity purposes was essentially a “side-effect” discovery, and is still in the realm of what is called “off label” usage.

Hgh injections are usually given/taken on a daily basis, or several times a week.  Some doctors will want you to come into the office or a clinic to get your injection every day.  Others may prescribe self-administration, and teach you how to do it yourself. It is very similar to a diabetic giving themselves daily insulin injections, and in fact, uses the same fine, tiny needles/syringes. The invention of the hgh injection “pen” has made self administration less complicated.

In the past, hgh injections were the only way you could absorb human growth hormone. And it was VERY expensive.  It can still cost between 4 or 5 hundred to thousands a month, depending on where you buy it, and if you have a clinic administer it and monitor your results.

hgh spray: 

Now there are claims that oral products can make HGH absorbable. That may or may not be true. I know of no research yet that proves it, but I have seen strong anecdotal evidence that suggests it. But it may have little or nothing to do with gh itself, but other ingredients. I personally believe that the “Beyond HGH” “hgh human growth hormone” type spray I use, does work, and is more than a placebo (the link above is to a trusted source, “Youth Hormone”). But that is just my opinion, personal experience, and thus just “anecdotal evidence”. I have even given the company a testimonial as to my personal experiences with it.

An ever growing popular way of supplementing hgh at lower levels (more natural levels), is either through precursor supplements, or oral sprays that may or may not be based on real synthesized human growth hormone, or a molecularly modified form of HGH.  

A great deal of confusion exists here. 

MOST SPRAYS/pills/powders, do NOT even contain any form of hgh – or molecularly modified variations. But some do. 

The regular human growth hormone molecule is so large, that it normally must be injected. The question still remains, has anyone discovered a way to make hgh orally absorbable? Or absorbable through the stomach? They are very close to various alternatives such as those, for insulin. So gh may not be far behind.  

Some of the spray manufacturers who claim to use real human growth hormone,  just add some other substance to their mix, claiming it makes it absorbable. This is highly questionable. 

Even though there isn’t substantial clinical proof of this yet, like I said, after researching VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING out there, I’ve chosen Beyond HGH for myself, and am very happy with the results I appear to be getting. And I’m hoping to develop an even better form of my own someday, or in conjunction with a major pharmaceutical company, and do at least minor clinical trials or tests to prove it’s effective beyond the placebo percentages of success.

Some websites have claimed that NO oral spray has real hgh in it. Well, that may be technically true, but… 

The pharmaceutical or “generic” name of human growth hormone, is Somatropin. However, if it has been molecularly bound to a “delivery system” to make it orally absorbable, then technically, you could say it isn’t Somatropin anymore. But for all practical purposes, might it be? If you take minced garlic and create a spaghetti sauce with it, while it isn’t technically “minced garlic” anymore, you are still getting the minced garlic in your sauce, right?    

Drug companies often trademark a “brand” of a drug, even though that’s not the drugs “real”, or “generic” name.  For instance, Valium® is a registered trademark name for the drug diazepam. Somatropin is the actual name of hgh human growth hormone. One of the big drug companies calls their “brand” of hgh injectable, Nutropin®.  Another calls theirs “Humatrope®“. 

So a spray with real hgh that has been molecularly modified, would be called whatever they trademark it as. We’ll have to wait and see.  

hgh spray “delivery systems”:
While some sprays may also contain some real un-modified hgh, the human growth hormone can’t make it into your body orally, at least in my opinion and those of every doctor and scientist I’ve spoken to.  The pharmaceutical companies are working on this, and there may be a breakthrough someday, but so far, it hasn’t happened.  Such work is primarily being focused on for an alternative to insulin injections for diabetics, but because of the molecular similarities to HGH, if they can make insulin deliverable in a non injectable, they should be able to do the same for GH.

Some brands of hgh spray contend that they use alcohol or MSM as a delivery system.  Expert consensus is that no amount of alcohol, MSM or similar derivatives, will work as a carrier.  

hgh spray doses:
The doses of hgh in the spray I use are in nanograms – far less than typical injection dosages.  

Hgh supplementation therapy dosage requirements will vary from person to person. I believe you should use the lowest dosage that will work for you. The best way to determine this, is by analysis of “before and after” lab testing by your doctor.  You should only be supplementing hgh, if you have an hgh deficiency (which usually slowly begins to develop around age 30, and continues to get worse as you grow older).  

“Precursor” & “Releaser” supplements:
These sprays, pills and powders claim to make your own body produce more of its own hgh.  If the product is legitimate and really works, it is the most natural and safest way to go in my opinion. I like the idea of getting your body to gently produce a little more, and getting your body back up to the levels it had when you were younger, rather than giving it levels that are higher than you had in your late teens or twenties – as long as your body is “up to” producing more.  It is one of the reasons I like Beyond HGH. 

Homeopathic supplements:

Finally, there are the “homeopathic” forms. We are still looking into these, but again, they lack solid unbiased research, and experts in the field I’ve discussed it with say it absolutely cannot be done because of the way homeopathy allegedly works – by giving you very minute dilutions of the “hair of the dog that bit you”.  So I don’t recommend these at this time.