My Credentials

  1. Gedde, MD, PhD, bio summary.

Dr. M. Gedde MD, PhD is an award winning, broadly trained scientist and traditional / holistic physician. Her background and experience are totally unique, and includes being one of the top pharmaceutical development specialists in the U.S.

  • Licensed to practice in Arizona, Hawaii, Colorado and Pennsylvania.
  • MD and PhD from Stanford University.
  • Biophysical chemist.
  • BA in biochemistry from Columbia University.
  • Board certified clinical pathologist.
  • Awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Physician Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Trained at a string of world class institutions, including:
    • Stanford University
    • Columbia University
    • Rockefeller University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute
  • Psychiatry training. Training in the influence, impact and effects of the mind (psychological factors) on the body. Psycho-physiology, the mind-body connection, etc.
  • Board certified clinical pathologist.
  • She has also spent a dozen years conducting in-depth laboratory research in areas of microbiology, molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry, protein chemistry, and models of disease in depth.

Both a philanthropist and a capitalist, Dr. Gedde donates the maximum allowed limit of her income to non-profit organizations.

She also supports nonprofits that deal with personal growth/ self-improvement/ adult & child abuse victims and substance abuse organizations (she has a special program for those who wish to implement it). She cannot financially contribute to any more at this time, but is willing to give endorsements to good causes (no hgh companies though please).

Dr. Gedde received post-graduate training in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research work included in depth experience in biochemistry, biophysics, protein chemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, and animal and cell culture models of disease.

As a pharmaceutical director, Dr. Gedde worked closely with professionals in all areas of the development process, including chemistry and manufacturing, discovery, preclinical research, formulations development, clinical science, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, quality control, marketing, project management, and business development.

Dr. Gedde presently is a working physician, heads an independent pharmaceutical development consultation firm, does pharmaceutical development consultation, and heads a pharmaceutical industry contract and employment firm