HGH Dangers & Side Effects

hgh dangers & side effects

Again, talk to your own doctor, newer information may be available.

Real prescription HGH has had study after study conducted on it since the 1950’s (such studies were conducted with hgh injections only).  It’s effects are well documented. 

But what about people who use those studies to allegedly prove that their product does the same thing? 

Would you buy a car from someone trying to use statistics from an airplane to prove to you how good the car was? Well, the most common (and most misleading) methods of “hgh information twisting” found on the internet, is using quotes from medical research that was conducted using high dosage prescription hgh injections, without telling you that those “benefits” were from studies conducted on the injectable form.  Companies do this to get you to think it applies to their products. See what I mean?  

My biggest concern

What might really be in many of the fly-by-night hgh supplements that are sold on the web, and in health food stores? Or cheap prescription injection bottles? 

Even websites selling alleged prescription brand injectable hgh, are often suspicious to me. Some seem like they are from foreign countries, even though they say they are not.  They don’t name the pharmacies the product will come from, or doctor who will allegedly prescribe it, or their qualifications, or addresses of alleged “clinics”, etc.  


Other than the brand of spray I use,  I especially would personally avoid any other spray, pill, powder, etc.. nor recommend them, without independent lab testing. I wouldn’t even buy the spray I use from any other company than the one I deal with, because that product has been counterfeited and I’ve met and trust them. Other products and companies make ridiculous claims that make no sense to most physicians and legitimate scientists – and some may be dangerous. 

If I hear of better products, or develop my own line, I will immediately get it on this site and notify anyone who signs up for my health products announcements newsletter. 

hgh injections:
While there may be side effects from injections, the benefits may greatly outweigh them. What are the known side effects? 

Because prescription injections are so strong (more than your body naturally makes), your body’s own natural mechanisms for making it and its secondary productions like IGF-1, your body might essentially say “I have plenty, there’s no need to make it anymore”, and shut down natural production.  So it should be taken only with a doctor’s advice or supervision (requires a prescription anyway).  

hgh spray:
No serious side-effects that I am aware of, unless it is a harmful substance in the bottle, or bacterially contaminated.

IGF-1 spray:
Not enough known about it. I would stay away from it personally, and not recommend it to patients. Some are from animals, which could have its own implications, including CJD (mad cow). 

Counterfeit and contaminated HGH, and other warnings:

You’ve heard “you get what you pay for”.  You, like I, have probably found out how true that is, the hard way.  So don’t get fooled by the many super-cheap “hgh” scams.  For instance, If you were sick, would you buy suspiciously cheap medicine? Or go to a suspiciously cheap dentist or doctor? 

It’s one thing to get prescriptions from a legitimate discount corporation like Costco or Sam’s Club, or wholesale from known drug companies (rather than a regular non-discount mom & pop drug store pharmacy). But it’s quite another thing to get it from some stranger in a back alley.  Some of these hgh human growth hormone “deals” on the web, amount to getting it from a stranger in a back alley.  

Real hgh must be made in FDA and DEA certified and registered laboratories (cheap & easy? NO.), and finding a way to make it absorb orally, is even more difficult and costly. I know, I’m a pharmaceutical development consultant.

Just think about it and use your common sense. The only way alleged human growth hormone products could be cheap, is either they contain little or no real human growth hormone, are made in a crude uncertified fashion, or in the case of hgh spray, they don’t have a true “carrier/delivery system” that allows the hgh to absorb through the mouth (if that is what they claim makes it work). 

If you want to be sure you are getting real hgh human growth hormone (or a legitimate similar product that has similar effects) made in a sterile FDA certified lab, rather than some unknown substance made in a bathtub in someone’s house, read everything on this site.  

And this IS your health, body, mind and life you’re gambling with if you take unknown drugs or supplements. You might not WANT TO spend the money, but it comes down to two choices: 1) super-cheap, or 2)  real, safe, and good.  

And the “good stuff” is not really expensive when you consider the per day cost – especially if you get the injectable at a discount pharmacy, or get hgh spray online several bottles at a time. I like the way it’s put on the www.youth-hormone.com  order page – try to see it like other things in your budget, gasoline, cigarettes, coffee, beer, electricity or whatever. Is how young you feel and your overall health worth the price of a gallon of gas a day?  

You can figure it will run anywhere from about $1.80 to $3/day for good spray (with quantity discounts), and $4.70 to $7/day for self-administered hgh injections (discount pharmacy, plus syringes). The injections once cost about $30,000/month! And people gladly paid it! (if they had it – it was illegal for a while). 

PLEASE BELIEVE ME, there are bogus hgh products, bad products, and counterfeit brands even!  But there’s no reason to risk a product that’s useless (or worse), just to save a few bucks. See “my advice” page for my specific advice and links to good sources.